List All DCHP-leases over 240

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I did create a  DHCP scopes a couple of days ago. Something happened after the creation and a some scopes had a range of leases that got higher than 240, which was my top lease. The DHCP service had 70 scopes on two servers. This meant that I needed to check 140 scopes. First thing I rerun the script in previous post and set the top lease to 240, again, and Second I created a script to look for leases over 240 for me. It is not pretty, but it does its job. read more

Move VM and storage tester

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The issue is a bit old now but I will write about it anyway. It all begins with a hyper-v 2012 and a Equalogic San. And live storagemigration. With ODX enabled (default setting) the VHD:s was corrupted when moved. Which caused a lot of lost data.
The problem should with ODX and Hyper-V 2012. ODX is mentioned in following 2796995 which is replaced by 2870270. read more