This might take you 2 minutes to read.

Have you walked home from work and had that “you know it” help call? I did today.

Going in the subway, my phone rang and I got the question “how do I show my images?”

First phone call I explained like this:

When you plug in your USB memory open it and go to “dcim” and then hold down. [command] and [a] key. Then double finger click on file. Chose preview.

The answer I got was: But nothing happens. Ok I will try. (Phone hangs up)

I continue to walk home and three minutes later the phone rings again.

I try to give the same explanation but the only response is “but why does nothing show”

I have now stopped walking and realizes that to be able to sort out this I need to see the screen. Standing on a subway platform using the phone as internet connection I download the teamviewer app and installs it on my laptop. Continue to try to navigate the slightly misunderstood user on the other end to give me the id and password.

I connect and opens finder, the USB drive and opens all images. Disconnecting after less than 1 minute. Mission accomplished, father satisfied. He could now show his latest vacation photos. The two phone calls and the teamviewer session took all in all 15 minutes.

The important lesson to learn is that even if you think a task might look very simple there can be others who struggles with it. Be kind and help others.


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