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It has been a while since last update.
I will try to make a small update to explain a bit of my doings since last post. Some of the following points I will try to make one or several blog posts about.

SCVMM / Windows Azure Pack

  • Installation of a complete new WAP installation, all HA.
  • Creating a automatic process of Windows installation and Windows configuration.
  • Tried Multiple VMM-servers against one WAP/SPF.
  • Cisco ACI and SCVMM connection evaluation

General scripting

  • SQL backup/retore
  • Billing of Virtual machines
  • Powershell framework, and updates
  • Getting IOPS and Latency from for each Hyper-V VM.


  • Linux (centrify-application) cannot join domain.
  • Domain rename with “same” name. Capitalize NetBios-name

Other stuff

  • Evaluate processes at work
  • Tried to put some time at hobbies like, photography
  • Family

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